The dance concept tanz&kunst königsfelden is unique in Switzerland. It unites a variety of professional dance styles with different musical genres and styles. Artistic Director and Choreographer Brigitta Luisa Merki's productions in the Königsfelden monastery church in Windisch combine unrivaled dance, music, and visual arts performances. Recognized as a beacon of Argovian culture in 2012, tanz&kunst königsfelden distinguishes itself through the superior quality of its productions, its supra-regional range of influence, and its uniqueness.

Every year in May and June the monastery church becomes the perfect site for extraordinary productions created by well-known international and regional artists, choreographers, dancers, musicians, and composers. The unique atmosphere of the monastery church makes for extraordinary artistic experiences showcasing the art of dance particularly well. Pedagogical art projects are created at biannual intervals: Together with international artists representing every form of artistic expression students and youth from the Canton of Aargau develop innovative, integrated dance and art projects. These projects result in astonishing expressions of artistic creativity in the form of temporary installations and performances in the monastery church.

The Monastery Church of Königsfelden as a Stage for the Arts

The main idea of the tanz&kunst königsfelden concept is to create art „for the location and out of the location." Artistic productions with an emphasis on dance are created for the church and its immediate surroundings. This monument of European culture serves as a source of inspiration and a basis for outstanding total works of art that leave unique impressions on the spectators.

The 2013 production "babel.torre viva" (shown in May and June) is a visually very expressive work of art based on dance and music. Extremely well-received by audiences and highly praised by critics, "babel.torre viva" was performed 23 times and sold out without exception.

A Cultural Beacon in the Canton of Aargau

The dance cycle tanz&kunst königsfelden was first launched as a pilot project in 2007 by Choreographer Brigitta Luisa Merki. It continued a long tradition of dance being performed in the monastery church of Königsfelden.

In reaction to the resounding success of the pilot trilogy, the Canton of Aargau recognized the dance concept as a cultural beacon in 2012. Bestowed with this honor, the supra-regional tanz&kunst königsfelden project represents an integral part of the canton's cultural institutions and - due to the dance concept's uniqueness - serves as a beacon for all of Switzerland.